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Business owners come to Maverick Coaching because they face several challenges. As industry leaders, we help each client find the right strategies to take their careers to the next level.

We want to show you how you can be your own growth-minded leader. Executive coaches don’t tell you what to think. They help you learn how to think while holding you accountable for your goals.

An executive career coach understands the unique struggles faced in the corporate and self-employment world. Whether you’re looking for business executive coaching for women or an executive coach for the business professional, Maverick Coaching has the experience to help you become your best self!

Team Meeting


The success of your business and even your career depends on avoiding costly mistakes. The organization’s struggles can impact your success.


Can you identify with any of the following reasons the majority of our clients hire us?

  • Difficulty working together as a team

  • Lacking alignment with partners

  • The inability to identify new members who can take the organization to a new level

  • Challenges agreeing on and implementing strategic priorities

  • Struggling to coach subordinates

Maverick Coaching Solutions has a suite of leadership methodologies that helps professionals develop capacity, agree on roles, and achieve alignment.

In a Meeting


Are you ready to stop struggling with poor team performance? Are you ready to build a team with the most effective leaders in your organization? To help your organization level up, invest in team coaching. Team coaching is a cost-effective, powerful solution that provides your organization with a competitive edge.

We know building effective teams is difficult. Many executives share similar frustrations with the lack of ability to build a highly productive team. Sometimes their key personnel has interpersonal dynamics that create unnecessary friction. It creates a real challenge not just for your organization, but between the parties involved. And they often share that it is rare for their team leaders to set expectations and create engagement that yields great results.

Our 6-part leadership methodology provides practical results and helps those in your organization become successful from start to finish. The robust, deep, and practical approach is effective and seen almost immediately when starting the team coaching process. It helps your team look at unique dimensions of performance.

Business Consultation


You want to be a better leader to improve your ability to lead and to meet your goals. But how do you know the type of leader you are so that you can capitalize on your strengths, improve your ability to lead, inspire your team, and meet your goals?


The answer? By working with an executive coach and completing the proper leadership assessments to better understand your leadership style!

Maverick Coaching is:

  • DiSC certified

  • Genos International certified


We also provide 360-degree assessments.

How can these leadership assessments help you?

A DiSC assessment can help you learn more about your organization’s culture, including how to resolve issues so that you have happier team members. With the help of your executive coach, it can also help you better improve your interpersonal skills.

Genos International certification involves emotional intelligence. With a better understanding of emotional intelligence, you can work better with others. When you’re better able to understand others, and even yourself, you can reduce team stress and increase the probability of meeting and exceeding both team and individual goals. Your professional satisfaction will improve, and your team’s satisfaction level may also improve.

If you’re ready to take total control over your professional life, a 360-degree assessment is for you. You’ll learn more about your hidden talents, weaknesses, and even your blind spots. A 360-degree assessment isn’t about showing you how weak you appear to be. It’s about showing you how you can better control your life to become the best possible version of you that you can be with the help of your executive coach. It’s for growth-minded individuals who are serious about taking their success to the next level.

Key Speaker


Using a proven framework designed by The Center of Executive Coaching, our High-Performance Leadership Academy is focused purely on RESULTS. 

With a goal of beginning and ending with accountability, each group will meet monthly over the course of a year with one goal in mind-- to show significant improvement in performance. 

Students of the course will set goals at the start of the program, develop a leadership style that moves the organization forward, enjoy better teamwork and higher performance, improve employee engagement and implement ideas that yields results for your team. 

Developing leaders within your organization will have an impact on how fast you will grow. Invest in your team with our High-Performance Leadership Academy and enjoy the lasting impact it has on your organization. 

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