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Does your team think you are approachable?

The biggest problem is no one is going to come out and tell you that your not.

Where is the communication breakdown?

Do they feel like you are too busy for them?

Is your temperament too unpredictable?

Or maybe you keep to much to yourself, and others just don’t know how to reach you?

As a leader, it is your responsibility to create a team environment that fosters communication. Being someone approachable is your responsibility and is essential in creating a high-performance team. In addition, you need your employees and co-workers to see you as a genuine and reachable person.

“If your direct reports, superiors, and colleagues don’t want to approach you, you’re likely to miss out on access to timely information, lose personal and professional credibility (not to mention likeability), and ultimately be seen as the kind of professional whom people don’t want to be like.” writes DEBORAH GRAYSON RIEGEL in her blog.

A true leader is a person who builds strong relationships so that when they need people to work overtime or go above and beyond, they want to do it for you. Being approachable does not mean that you have to befriend everyone you work with personally. Being everyone’s “buddy” is not an effective leadership plan. Instead, work towards being someone people want to follow.

“Your status as a leader inevitably creates a barrier with new employees or unfamiliar faces, and a harsh personality or a lack of time only fortifies it,” writes Hall in Inc.’s “5 Surefire Ways to Become a More Approachable Leader.” “Put yourself in employees’ shoes, and take small steps to open the lines of communication. Then, you can break down those walls and capitalize on the knowledge of your entire organization.”

How can you change?

  • Open-Door Policy: Make sure your employees/co-workers have access to talk to you and let them know they can.

  • Communication: Greet those around you with kindness. Ask about your employee’s projects, work successes, and struggles. Ask them for help. Let them know you care by creating a positive working relationship.

  • Body language: Take a moment and think about what you are saying with your body. Are you comfortable talking to those around you? Smile as you see people, make eye contact, and show positivity through your body.

  • Training: Be open to leadership training and executive coaching.

Maverick Coaching Solutions has a suite of leadership methodologies that helps professionals develop capacity, agree on roles, and achieve alignment. By working with an executive coach and completing the proper leadership assessments, we can better understand your leadership style to capitalize on your strengths, improve your ability to lead, inspire your team, and meet your goals.

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